Bring your message to life!

You keep hearing that “every business should have video,” but nobody has ever explained why. Well, here’s why:

Video business card

Supercharge your website—show the benefits of doing business with you over your competition.

Social media

Draw attention, show your expertise, invite feedback, get people involved.


Provide detailed product or service information.

Product “how to’s"

Don’t just tell customers how to use your products, show them.


Build credibility by having your customers do the talking.


Provide help while lowering the cost of customer care.

Free information

Offer your expertise as an incentive to purchase.

Trade-show booth

It’s like having an extra person on the floor.


Use videos to accompany media releases.

Email marketing

Bring life to your newsletters and email sales letters.


Put real power in your PowerPoint productions.


Videos are great teaching tools.


Take people places (factory floor, construction site, manufacturing facility) they normally couldn’t go.


Show how your product or services really works.


Videos are great teaching tools.

Video can help set you apart, showcase your benefits and compel people to buy—or buy into—your products and services. Need to promote your vision or your ideas? They can help do that, too.

Compelling and affordable, a professionally produced video can bring your message to life! Contact us today by telephone at 613-299-7565 or by email at to learn how Sigma Media can help boost your image—and your revenues!